Domain Supervision
Domain Names are easy to remember names used to access sites on the World Wide Web. These names are unique Internet Protocol (IP) numbers that serve as routing address on the internet, allowing users to access web sites on the Internet. Domain Name is as equal as Trademark of a company. In this era of Information Technology, brands and products are essentially required to promote through websites and internet. The Internet has nowadays acquired almost primary choice of new generation for business transactions, sell and purchase of goods and services and a fastest way to collect the information on everything. Hence, the domain name has become a valuable asset of business houses as same as a Trademark, which is now, required to be protect from the cyber squatters. 

P2 LexPeritus value the branding strategies of our clients over the Internet and help them to build a strong Web presence while also protecting it at the same time. It is advisable for every company and firm, whose brand/trademark is registered /pending in India or even whose trademarks/brands are not yet filed in India, to register their brands/company names as domain names in order to avoid the infringement enrooting cyber squatters.

We provide our service regarding assistance in registering the domain names, domain name watch services, Domain Name Dispute Complaints and resolution services etc.

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