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GST Compliance with P2lex Peritus: Expert GST Registration and Filing Services

In the dynamic landscape of taxation, Goods and Services Tax (GST) has emerged as a significant reform in India. As a business owner, understanding and complying with GST regulations is essential to avoid penalties and ensure seamless operations. P2lex Peritus is a trusted legal partner that specializes in GST registration, return filing, and related services.

Benefits of GST Registration

  • Input Tax Credit: GST registration enables you to claim input tax credit on the taxes paid for your business inputs. This allows you to reduce your tax liability by offsetting the tax paid on inputs against the tax collected on outputs.
  • Interstate Trade: GST registration is essential for businesses engaged in interstate trade. It enables smooth movement of goods and services between states, eliminating the complexities of multiple state-specific tax regulations.
  • Business Credibility: GST registration enhances the credibility of your business. It instills trust among your customers, suppliers, and business partners, as it signifies that your operations are transparent and comply with the tax laws of the country.

GST Registration Process

The process of GST registration involves several steps that can be complex and time-consuming. P2lex Peritus simplifies the GST registration process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business. Here is an overview of the GST registration process:

  • Application Preparation: P2lex Peritus assists you in preparing the GST registration application, ensuring that all the required information and supporting documents are accurately included.
  • Application Submission: The completed application is submitted online through the GST portal. P2lex Peritus ensures that the application is submitted accurately and within the stipulated time frame.
  • Verification and Approval: After submission, the application undergoes a verification process by the tax authorities. They may seek additional information or documents, which P2lex Peritus assists you in providing promptly. Once verified, the GST registration certificate is issued.

GST Return Filing

Apart from GST registration, regular GST return filing is a crucial aspect of compliance. P2lex Peritus simplifies the GST return filing process, ensuring accurate and timely submission. They handle various types of GST returns, including monthly, quarterly, and annual returns, based on the nature and turnover of your business.

FSSAI License and Registration Difference

The terms “FSSAI license” and “FSSAI registration” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. P2lex Peritus can assist you in understanding the difference between an FSSAI license and registration, ensuring that you choose the appropriate option for your food business.

GST Return Filing Process


    • Data Compilation: P2lex Peritus assists you in compiling the necessary data, including sales, purchases, and input tax credits, required for GST return filing.
    • Return Preparation: Based on the data compilation, they prepare the GST return in the prescribed format, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the GST laws.
    • Return Submission: The prepared return is filed online through the GST portal within the specified due dates. P2lex Peritus ensures that the returns are filed accurately and on time.

GST LUT Filing

For businesses engaged in the export of goods or services, filing the Letter of Undertaking (LUT) is essential to avail of the benefits of a GST LUT. P2lex Peritus assists you in filing the LUT, ensuring compliance with the prescribed requirements and facilitating a seamless export process.

GST Registration Cancellation

In certain circumstances, businesses may need to cancel their GST registration. P2lex Peritus guides you through the process of GST registration cancellation, ensuring that all the necessary steps are followed, and the cancellation is completed without any complications.

GST Annual Return

The GST annual return provides a comprehensive overview of a business’s financial activities for a specific financial year. P2lex Peritus helps you in preparing and filing the GST annual return, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the statutory requirements.

GST Invoicing

Accurate and compliant GST invoicing is crucial for businesses to claim input tax credits and maintain proper records. P2lex Peritus assists you in understanding the invoicing requirements under GST and ensures that your invoices comply with the prescribed formats and contain all the necessary information.

GST e-Invoicing

e-Invoicing is a digital invoicing system introduced by the government to streamline the invoicing process and reduce tax evasion. P2lex Peritus guides you through the implementation of GST e-invoicing, helping you comply with the government’s requirements and seamlessly integrate e-invoicing into your business operations.

e-Way Billgoods and service tax reg

The e-Way Bill is a document required for the movement of goods valued above a specified threshold. P2lex Peritus assists you in generating and managing e-Way Bills, ensuring compliance with the e-Way Bill regulations and facilitating smooth transportation of goods.

Input Tax Credit

Claiming input tax credit is a significant benefit of GST registration. P2lex Peritus helps you understand the intricacies of input tax credit and ensures that you maximize your tax savings by accurately claiming the eligible credits.

Goods and Service Tax in India

Understanding the various aspects of Goods and Service Tax in India is crucial for businesses operating in the country. P2lex Peritus provides expert guidance on the GST laws, regulations, and compliance requirements, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your tax obligations and can navigate the GST framework effectively.

Complying with GST regulations is vital for businesses to ensure legal compliance, claim input tax credits, and maintain a smooth flow of operations. With P2lex Peritus as your trusted legal partner, you can simplify your GST registration, return filing, and related processes. Their expertise, comprehensive services, and commitment to client satisfaction make them the ideal choice for all your GST compliance needs.


Any business with an annual turnover exceeding the specified threshold (currently INR 40 lakhs for most states, INR 20 lakhs for special category states) is required to register for GST in India. Additionally, certain businesses, such as e-commerce operators and interstate suppliers, must register regardless of turnover.

GST registration offers various benefits, including the ability to collect and claim input tax credits, participate in inter-state trade, comply with legal requirements, establish credibility with customers and suppliers, and avail of government schemes and benefits.

The time taken to obtain GST registration in India can vary. Typically, the process takes between 7 to 14 working days, subject to accurate documentation and timely completion of the application process.

Yes, businesses with a turnover below the threshold can voluntarily register for GST in India. This can be beneficial for businesses wanting to avail input tax credits, expand their operations, or engage in interstate trade.

The documents required for GST registration include PAN card, Aadhaar card, business registration documents (Partnership Deed, Memorandum of Association, etc.), address proof, bank account details, and authorized signatory details.

For most businesses, GST filing is required on a monthly basis. However, small taxpayers with an annual turnover below a specified threshold can opt for quarterly filing. The due date for filing returns is the 20th of the subsequent month/quarter.

Penalties for non-compliance with GST filing requirements in India include late fees and interest on outstanding tax amounts. The penalty for late filing can range from INR 50 to INR 200 per day, subject to a maximum limit.

Yes, GST registration can be canceled in India under certain circumstances, such as discontinuation of business, change in business structure, transfer of business ownership, or non-compliance with GST regulations. The cancellation process can be initiated online.

Yes, it is possible to amend the details provided during GST registration in India. Changes related to business details, authorized signatory, and bank account details can be made online through the GST portal. It is important to ensure accurate and updated information to avoid penalties or legal issues.

What distinguishes a trade name from a trademark under IP law?

Trade name and Trade mark are completely different, although seeming similar.

  • A trade name is the legal name that a person or business uses to do business.
  • While a trademark provides businesses with legal protection for a specific brand that may be connected to a trade name.
  • Using a trade name does not give you legal protection, however registering a trademark does.

Registering a trade name does not prevent anyone else from operating a business under the same trade name. While a registered trademark can give you legal protection from some one else using or stealing the same.

What is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is any information of commercial value concerning production or sales operations which is not generally known. The owner of a trade secret must take reasonable measures to maintain its confidentiality.

Services we offer for Trademarks are :-

- Trademark Search
- Trademark Registration
- Trademark Objections (Reply to Examination Report)

- Trademark Assignment
- Trademark Renewal
- Trademark Oppositions

- Trademark Legal Notice
- Trademark Withdrawal
- Trademark Rectification
- Trademark Watch Services

- International Trademark Registration
- Trademark Investigation
- Trademark Custom Recordal
- Trademark Litigation

- Trademark Infringement Actions (Prosecution and Defence)
- Trademark Invalidation/revocation proceedings at the Appellate Board
- Trademark Appeals (at the IPAB and in various Courts)
- Trademark Journals watch services

- Trademark Post registration services such as renewals etc.
- Trademark Licensing and transfer services
- Trademark Portfolio Management

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