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Design registration, provisional patents, and patent registration are essential tools that provide legal protection for your inventions and designs. P2lex Peritus is a leading legal firm specializing in intellectual property law.

Design Registration: Preserving Unique Aesthetics

Design registration is the legal process of protecting the unique visual appearance of a product or article. It ensures that the design elements, such as shape, pattern, color, or ornamentation, are exclusively associated with your product. By obtaining design registration, you prevent others from copying or imitating your design, thereby preserving your brand identity and market position.

P2lex Peritus offers comprehensive design registration services. Their experienced team of intellectual property attorneys understands the nuances of design law and assists you in every step of the registration process. From conducting design searches to filing applications and managing the examination process, P2lex Peritus ensures that your design is adequately protected.

Provisional Patent: Securing Priority

A provisional patent application is a temporary form of patent protection that establishes an early filing date for your invention. It allows you to claim priority over your invention while providing additional time to refine and develop your idea before filing a complete patent application. By filing a provisional patent, you gain a 12-month window to further develop your invention and evaluate its commercial viability.

P2lex Peritus helps innovators and businesses with provisional patent filings. Their skilled patent attorneys assist in preparing and filing provisional patent applications, ensuring that your invention is protected while you continue to refine its features and evaluate its market potential. By working with P2lex Peritus, you secure your priority rights and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Patent Registration: Monopolizing Inventions

Patent registration is a crucial step for inventors and businesses seeking exclusive rights over their inventions. It provides legal protection for new and inventive products, processes, or technologies, preventing others from using, manufacturing, selling, or importing the patented invention without authorization. Patent registration grants you a monopoly over your invention for a specified period, allowing you to commercialize it and gain a competitive edge in the market.

P2lex Peritus specializes in patent registration services. Their team of patent attorneys possesses extensive technical knowledge and legal expertise to guide you through the complex patent registration process. From conducting prior art searches to drafting patent specifications and prosecuting the application, P2lex Peritus ensures that your invention is protected and your patent rights are secured.

Advantages of Choosing P2lex Peritus

  • Expertise in Intellectual Property Law: We boast a team of skilled intellectual property attorneys who specialize in design registration, provisional patents, and patent registration. Their expertise and deep understanding of intellectual property laws enable them to provide effective and tailored solutions for your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Services: P2lex Peritus offers end-to-end services for design registration, provisional patents, and patent registration. They assist in conducting searches, preparing and filing applications, responding to office actions, and managing the entire registration process on your behalf.
  • Strategic Guidance: P2lex Peritus provides strategic guidance throughout the registration process. Their attorneys analyze your intellectual property portfolio, identify opportunities for protection, and devise a comprehensive strategy to maximize the value of your intellectual property assets. They understand the importance of aligning your intellectual property protection with your business goals and help you make informed decisions to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Timely and Efficient Service: P2lex Peritus prioritizes timely and efficient service delivery. They understand that prompt action is crucial in intellectual property matters, and they strive to ensure that your design registrations, provisional patents, and patent applications are filed and processed in a timely manner. Their proactive approach minimizes delays and maximizes the chances of successful registration.
  • Strong Legal Representation: In the event of any disputes or infringement issues, P2lex Peritus provides robust legal representation. Their attorneys have extensive experience in intellectual property litigation and enforcement, and they will vigorously protect your rights and interests. With their support, you can enforce your design rights and patents effectively, ensuring that your intellectual property is safeguarded.

Design registration, provisional patents, and patent registration are vital tools for protecting your intellectual property and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. P2lex Peritus is a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of intellectual property law. With their comprehensive services, expert guidance, and commitment to excellence, they ensure that your designs and inventions receive the utmost protection.

By choosing P2lex Peritus for your design registration, provisional patents, and patent registration needs, you gain access to a team of experienced intellectual property attorneys who will guide you through the registration process with professionalism and efficiency. They will work tirelessly to secure your intellectual property rights, allowing you to focus on innovation, commercialization, and business growth.


Why is design registration important in India?

Design registration is important in India as it provides legal protection and exclusivity to the design owner. It deters others from copying or imitating the design, ensures market competitiveness, and allows the design owner to enforce their rights.

What can be registered as a design in India?

In India, any new or original features of shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation applied to an article can be registered as a design. It should be visually appealing and not solely based on functional aspects.

Can I register multiple designs under a single application in India?

Yes, in India, it is possible to register multiple designs under a single application if they belong to the same class of articles and are included in the same Locarno class or subclass.

What is the process for design registration in India?

The process for design registration in India involves filing an application with the Design Office, submitting the required documents, and paying the prescribed fee. The application goes through examination and publication stages before registration is granted.

What documents are required for design registration in India?

The documents required for design registration include the application form, drawings or representations of the design, a statement of novelty, and the prescribed fees. If claiming priority, a certified copy of the priority document is also required.

Can I claim priority while filing a design registration application in India?

Yes, it is possible to claim priority while filing a design registration application in India. The application must be filed within six months from the priority date, and a certified copy of the priority document must be submitted.

Can I make changes to a registered design in India?

No, once a design is registered in India, it cannot be altered or modified. However, it is possible to file a new application for any substantial changes or improvements made to the original design.

Can I apply for design registration online in India?

Yes, design registration can be applied for online in India. The Design Office has a dedicated portal where applicants can file their applications, track the status, and communicate with the authorities during the registration process.

What is the procedure for filing patent applications outside India?

There are two ways for applying Patent Internationally / abroad:

  1. Convention: Within 12 months of filing an application in India, an Indian citizen may submit one to any of the 173 nations that are signatories to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property (also known as the Paris Convention and the nations are referred to as Convention Countries). This application will be given priority over any earlier applications that were submitted in India. In this method, after filing in India, the applicant has the option of entering several nations within a year.
  1. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): This is an additional method for submitting an application in a foreign jurisdiction. The International Bureau (IB) of the World Intellectual Property Organization oversees the PCT (WIPO). The International Phase is where it starts, and the National Phase is where it finishes. The application submitted during the international phase is known as the international application (IA), and upon submission, the applicant gains access to 143 additional countries that are PCT signatories.

An Indian applicant may submit an IB application in one of three ways:

I) File the PCT International Application (IA) with India as the receiving office after six weeks and within 12 months of the first filing in India. The Indian Patent Office must be consulted for authorization under section 39 if an IA is filed within six weeks of a filing in India.

II) Submit your IA to the Indian Patent Office, which will receive it. First, approval under Section 39 must be obtained from the Indian Patent Office.

III) Submit the IA right to the IB. First, approval under Section 39 must be obtained from the Indian Patent Office.

We offer following services in Patents :

- Comprehensive patent searching (Patent Prior art Search & Patent Novelty Search)
- Drafting provisional & complete patent specifications for India and overseas

- Filing and prosecuting applications at the Indian Patent Office and under the PCT
- Patentability

- Patent Oppositions
- Patent Legal Notice

- Patent Infringement Actions (Prosecution and Defence)
- Patent Invalidation/revocation proceedings at the Appellate Board

- Patent Appeals (at the IPAB and in various Courts)
- Patent Journals watch services

- Post registration services such as renewals etc.
- Licensing and transfer of technology
- Portfolio Management

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